Third Party Disclaimer

We promote, endorse and suggest products/services of others (meaning we do not own the company). Most often our recommendations are based on our personal use of the recommended items, however sometimes they are from research we have done and believe they will provide a certain value to you.  Sometimes we establish a relationship with one of these vendors and just want to let our customers know about the awesome products or services they provide. In most cases we will be compensated via commission if you decide to purchase a product based on our recommendation. It’s also possible that we will receive the product for free for review or simply to use. In most cases, we have used and are currently using the product and have been satisfied using it in our own business.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please make sure you always do your own due-diligence when considering a purchase from one of our recommendations or with anything for that matter. We love our clients and want you to enjoy the most success and work hard to supply useful tools and connections to you.  Some products or services may offer knowledge on how to make more money, some may even claim you can “get rich quick” – be aware this is not the norm and you have to do the work in order to succeed at anything. If you are not willing to put in the effort, please do not buy the product/service/information, it will just serve to lighten you bank account and take up more room on your bookshelf. Remember you are completely responsible for your own purchases and we cannot warranty other products or services. There now…go forth and prosper!