What areas do you service?

We service the Baltimore and Washington areas.  We will travel to many places including, but not limited to, as far north as Southern Pennsylvania, all over Maryland, parts of Delaware and even as far south as Fredericksburg, VA.  In very few instances there may be a fee increase related to the distance traveled to the event.

How many tables will I require?

We suggest that the table quantity be based on how many people are expected in attendance at the function.  A good target is to have enough spots available for at least half of your guests.  This means that if one were to have a party of 100 guests then we would suggest having enough tables and spots to allow about 50 of those guests to play at one time.  This is because not everyone will play, there may be other activities going on to participate in and allows for socialization.  We can service events of any size.

Each of our tables allows for a different quantity of guests to play at any one time.

  • Blackjack plays between seven and eight and Roulette can accommodate eight players.
  • Poker has enough room to seat nine players and one dealer.  Poker is the only table game we have which requires chairs, which we normally do not provide.
  • The rest of our table games are set so the players stand at the table during play.
  • Craps has the most capacity of all our tables with twelve.  While the Craps table allows the most players to play, it also is only table we have that requires two dealers on the table.  As a result it is twice the rate of the other tables.

What does your service include?

Our services include delivery and setup of the previously agreed to tables, specific to each event.  Setting up early is not usually a problem within reason.  We provide all equipment necessary and dealers for each of the tables that are provided.  Each event is typically three hours long, but can be run longer for a nominal fee per additional hour.  Breakdown and removal of the tables and equipment at the end of the event is also included.  Our dealers arrive prepared to entertain and professionally dressed in a tuxedo shirt with black bow tie, black pants and black shoes.

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